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Element Replacements

Often elements in hot water units and Bain Marie food warmers fail due to age or calcium build up. If your electric hot water unit heats really slowly, runs out of hot water sooner than it used to, or isn’t hot at all, there is a 90% chance that replacing the heating element will solve the issue. Replacing the element is a cost-effective way to get you hot water again. Whether it is a domestic hot water unit or a commercial Bain Marie, Live N Up Electrical will return hot water to you quickly. Call us for a free quote.

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Customer Testimonials

The team at Live N Up Electrical went beyond what I was expecting. The customer service was exceptional and the quality of work we could not fault. We had new solar panels installed as well as other electrical work.

Kate C

I am the owner of Custombuilt Homes, and have been building in Perth for the last 44 years. Over that period we have used only three different electrical companies – the owners of the first two have since retired and Live N Up Electrical …

Gary Green

Great and friendly customer service. Very efficient and on time. Great advice and very reasonable with price

Bonne Dunn