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At Live N Up Electrical, your safety is our concern. If you live in an older home, call us to come and perform safety check. Faulty wiring can be really dangerous; it is the cause of over 10 thousand fires and hundreds of injuries each year. Don’t put you and your family at risk, get your wiring checked by one of our experts.

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Here are some tell tale signs of faulty wiring:

  1. Frequent blown fuses or tripped breakers
  2. An over-amped or over-fused electrical panel
  3. Dimming or flickering lights, indicating the circuit is overloaded or has a loose connection
  4. Hot or discoloured switch plates, cords, or plugs
  5. Light bulbs that frequently burn out in a socket, signalling a fixture that can’t handle the bulb wattage
  6. Buzzing or sizzling sounds
  7. A burning smell
  8. Arcs or sparks from an outlet when you plug or unplug a cord
  9. Loose outlets
  10. Cracked, cut, or broken insulation
  11. Electrical shock when you plug in or touch a cord.

Your home won’t always exhibit signs of faulty wiring. Take the time to have a periodic safety check on your home by a licensed electrician:

  • If your home is more than 40 years old
  • If you’re relying on extension cords for power
  • If you’ve made major home improvements or added major new appliances that could strain your existing system
  • If your home has ungrounded, two-prong outlets
  • If your home has aluminium instead of copper wiring

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Customer Testimonials

The team at Live N Up Electrical went beyond what I was expecting. The customer service was exceptional and the quality of work we could not fault. We had new solar panels installed as well as other electrical work.

Kate C

I am the owner of Custombuilt Homes, and have been building in Perth for the last 44 years. Over that period we have used only three different electrical companies – the owners of the first two have since retired and Live N Up Electrical …

Gary Green

Great and friendly customer service. Very efficient and on time. Great advice and very reasonable with price

Bonne Dunn