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Perth is the sunniest city in Australia, averaging 8.8 hours of sun each day, which gives you an opportunity to take advantage of the weather and switch to solar power. This will provide a significant reduction in the energy costs of running your home or business.

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Live N Up Electrical uses Q CELLS, one of the largest and most recognised photovoltaic manufacturers for its high quality, high performance solar cells and modules. In addition to German engineered, best-in-its-class technology, Hanwha Q CELLS offer the strongest security behind product and performance warranties among Super League in the Tier 1 PV module manufacturers.

Q CELLS modules are built for Australia’s tough environmental conditions, such as tropical cyclones and desert climates. As of the end of 2016, Hanwha Q CELLS supplied over 10% of solar modules installed in Australia, making it the top PV module supplier in the country and the brand that Live N Up Electrical chooses to use.

Live N Up Electrical are here to help you design and install the best system to suit your home or business needs, so call us today for a free quote.

Solar Battery Storage Systems

Solar battery storage systems use revolutionary technology that enables you to utilise and store solar energy produced by the sun. Australia’s stationary energy sector, which includes energy made from coal fired power, is responsible for 50% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. How would you feel about producing and enjoying clean, reliable electricity all year around even when the sun isn’t shining?

Most homes or businesses use a fraction of the solar energy that they produce, so instead of sending it back to the grid, solar battery storage can store it for later use. You can power your home or business with the solar energy stored in your solar battery storage system to reduce your reliance on the power grid and significantly reduce your energy bills, potentially eradicating them all together.

Solar battery storage systems are compatible with new and existing solar power systems. Adding a battery storage system will enable you to store any excess energy that your solar power system produces to use later. Call our team at Live N Up Electrical to arrange your solar storage system today.

Customer Testimonials

The team at Live N Up Electrical went beyond what I was expecting. The customer service was exceptional and the quality of work we could not fault. We had new solar panels installed as well as other electrical work.

Kate C

I am the owner of Custombuilt Homes, and have been building in Perth for the last 44 years. Over that period we have used only three different electrical companies – the owners of the first two have since retired and Live N Up Electrical …

Gary Green

Great and friendly customer service. Very efficient and on time. Great advice and very reasonable with price

Bonne Dunn